extraordinarily, excessively, ridiculously, oversized, blown out underwear typically worn by tasteless old men and sometimes sported by youth with no style
"Nice blimps dude!" You can parachute from a plane in those underwear.
by BlimperBiitch April 18, 2011
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a fat ass who usually wears vibrant colors which show off their fattiness
damn, that bitch in fresh choice was such a blimp! she had like 4 plates of food!
by KDIZZO March 13, 2005
A blimp is a fat ass blunt
yo holmes come holla at me and we'll smoke that blimp
by Razz C December 17, 2005
Someone who lacks common knowledge, and basic conversational skills. Most of these individuals have superficial knowledge about a topic or subject, and may be worst off than people who know absolutely nothing. Viewed as being aloof and mentally absent. This is in comparison to an actual physical blimp.
He's such a fucking blimp!

That girls so dumb, what a blimp.
by Carmen565 December 21, 2013
When a piece of peppering gets inside your dick hole when you pull out of the anus. The penis becomes infected and swells up to chode status.
After a week of backdoor entering, i got a blimp.
by OwlTurtleMeerkat October 06, 2010
a really,really,really fat chick.
Generaly whos tits sag to the floor and looks inflated.
I was trying to take the blimp out for a cruise but she wouldnt fit in the car.
by MISC. April 10, 2005
(noun) This unusual word refers to the hot rocks that come from your spliff when you smoke hash.
"a blimp has just burned a hole in my hoodie arrrghhh"
by Lozi Marsland November 23, 2004

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