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ten pounds of faeces (shit) in a five-pound bag. Origin: U.S. rural. Refers to anything filled to or beyond capacity.
He got a blibbit of trouble from his wife for coming home that late!
by Alan Sacks April 05, 2007
A. 10 gallons of shit forced inside a five gallon bucket and sealed. Prone to exploding after being packed if jostled or poked.
B. Someone full of shit
Man I feel like a blibbit after eating all that food.

Be careful, of john he may seem smart but it's just his inner blibbet speaking.
by Pewter Niblet July 23, 2009
During the Viet Nam war a BLIBBIT was a large (50/100 gallon) stretchy container made out of heavy rubber that was used for transporting fresh water to recon troops in the deep jungle. Designed to be deployed by helicopter they were essentially huge water balloons and would occasionally burst when dropped from the Huey. When this happened the comic relief was appreciated almost as much as the fresh water.
Echo 1/7 reports that the blibbit burst when dropped from the Huey and completely fragged the LZ.
by jakp322 April 01, 2010
Such a large bowel movement that would overflow a toilet or container, so the person does it in their pants.
It wasnt long before the liquidy blibbit began to spill down their pants legs.

10 lbs. of shit in a 5 lb. capacity bag.
by KVMAN April 02, 2007
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