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A brand of Airsoft which is essentially hand picked Jing Gong Airsoft guns rebadged and sold in the USA. The main difference is American quality control workers. Everything else is basically the same. Echo 1 Warrants their guns for 30 days while JG does not. Overall Echo 1 has a slightly higher reliability rate.
Known pretty well and gaining popularity as a Tokyo Marui 'alternative.' And let me tell you, it does as good.. if not better.
Those Tokyo Marui fanboys were so pissed when they found out they were taken out by an Echo 1 M4A1! Haha.

Echo 1 > UTG.
by TacOps1 April 25, 2007
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The most bomb airsoft guns. Designed for military simulation. Pretty sweet........
Hurts like a bitch to get hit.
"Is that an Echo 1?" "Yes" "So that's why bbs are stuck in my jugular!"
by AirsoftNerd March 13, 2013

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