when two people, while tripping on psychedelics, see and feel the same thing at the same time, and see the other person experiencing that same thing.
dude, when we were tripping last night, we totally bleshed.
by alixbizzle November 01, 2010
Top Definition
What you say instead of bless, because you don't believe in god, but you still want to be polite.
<cute girl sneeze>...
<suave mr cool man> blesh you.
by DougY Fresh February 12, 2006
It is the ability of extraordinary people with strange powers who are able to "blend" and "mesh" their abilities together. In this way, they are able to act as one organism. They progress toward a mature gestalt consciousness, called the homo gestalt, the next step in the human evolution.

It is based on a concept developed in a science fiction novel by Theodore Sturgeon titled "More Than Human" published in 1953.
"Blesh" is a portmanteau of "blend" and "mesh".
by akconstant February 01, 2013
An acronym, taught at the seldom heard of 'Excel Basketball Camp 1997', that helps one shoot a basketball successfully.

B. Bend (Bend your knees)
L. Lift (Lift your legs)
E. Extend (Extend your arm)
S. Snap (Snap your wrist)
H. Hold (Hold..)
Your shot is poor and you don't make any shots. Perhaps you should practice your BLESH. 'Thanks Excel Basketball Camp 1997!'
by Ragsdale5 June 07, 2011
something you can say when you are feeling a variety of feelings...angry, frustrated, sad, or if you want everyone to shut up.
also known as the blesh family
bleshh...brian is so annoying
those silly little bleshes
by cutiekaitttt March 04, 2008
A merging of flavours that occurs over time.
Mix up the tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil and let them blesh for a few hours.
by bowensoap April 01, 2009
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