An onomatopoeic term denoting general disgust.
I thought of getting a dream catcher tattoo because I like Native American culture and I have many dream catchers. Upon Googling "dream catcher tattoo," I discovered that miley cyrus has one. I don't want people to think I'm trying to copy her. I don't even like her. Blegh!
by adicadabra May 26, 2011
Top Definition
An expression of discontent or frustration.
Blegh! I've changed this flash file three times and I'm still told it's wrong!
by Shazza June 24, 2002
The sound of a vomit
"Blegh" Tom said as he vomited.
by Jinny Chung April 13, 2003
This word had multiple uses, it can be used to show your frustration. It can also be used to show that you are bored.
Or in one its more radical uses, it can be used as a threat by shaking your fist in the air while saying it to your victim.
1)Blegh! Why won't this work!!!
3) You! BLEGH! *shakes fist*
by djbonzai July 10, 2004
Exclamation. The universal sound for everything. Most commonly used by sadists to express the sound of pain.
1. The sound of someone being punched in the face: blegh!

2. The sound of someone falling over: blegh
by Jake Simmonds September 28, 2006
A type of bagel made by the Amish.
I want a blegh with cream cheese.
by Biogant September 17, 2008

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