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girl who is a little rough around the edges and wouldn't look at all out of place at 14 years of age pushing a newborn through a council estate.
"jaysus look at that pram-face in the patent white platforms with the umbro tracky"
by shazza October 05, 2003
An expression of discontent or frustration.
Blegh! I've changed this flash file three times and I'm still told it's wrong!
by Shazza June 24, 2002
mutton dressed up as lamb
shes too old man look at her baggy ass in those tight jeans... shes a mofohoe
by shazza March 15, 2003
an amalgamation of the two adjectives 'wrote off' and 'bet down'. Is best used to describe someone who is so ugly they pollute your eyes. A total no-hoper. Should be digitally remastered asap.
"Sonya from Eastenders is so wrote down"
by shazza October 05, 2003
A term reffering to the edible testicles of the animal generall known as a 'sheep'. Traditional farming cuisine.
Fred - "mmmm sheila this meals fantastic"
Sheila - "Why yes they're sweetbreads"
by Shazza June 05, 2005
horse shit
dude ranch man... work it out!!
by shazza March 15, 2003
underage skank wannabe
she tries hard but dont u touch her, shes only 13 man a slank if ever i saw one
by shazza March 15, 2003

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