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A mutha fuckin BLUNT bitch ass niggas!
"wanna go buy a swisher so we can roll a bleezy?"
"Fuck yeah dude!"
by fuck you nigga! August 14, 2011
a great blunt
go roll up another bleezy
by s.a.h. July 20, 2003
1.) Blunt Wrap

2.) Blunt
1.) Yo', pick up some bleezies so we can smoke this shit!

2.) I just rolled a fat bleezy of some killer grand dad! We got to burn this shit down!
by Gracen November 26, 2007
A Blunt To Smoke Weed With
hey lets smoke a bleezy
by Maxybaybay July 15, 2008
a bleezy is a blunt, any cigar or cigarillo split and rolled with weed.
What you know about me? I'm Mac Dreezy.
Call Hennessy, heem, and a blunt a bleezy.
by kellicious February 08, 2009
A marijuana blunt
Let's face another bleezy
by BasedGod F'd My B*tch August 15, 2011
a blunt rolled in a backwood

i can't fade;
beezy that dont keep a bleezy rolled for a neezy i aske her what the feezy
by reidly September 23, 2005