what happens when you are peeing and you zip up your pants too fast before you get a chance to make sure your balls are safely protected by your boxers; made popular in the movie There's Something About Mary
Pete zipped his balls right into his zipper teeth and ripped his sack open;his balls almost fell onto the floor making it a pretty serious bleeder.

Lavernius heard screaming from the bathroom and thought it might have been a bleeder; when she went to check it out her suspicions were confirmed by Reginald screaming in pain with his hand over his bloody nut sac.
by Sean Lock Romulux November 01, 2006
A term used derisively in reference to any female human.

As it is well known all females of the species experience a period of usually five - seven days every month in which the lining of the uterus is disposed of by way of the vagina.
Some men may be repulsed by this phenomenon, while others feel it is one of the most effective methods of birth control.
Stupid fucking bleeder!! Shut your cumdumpster! You're stinking up the whole room!!
by A.J. Cockandballs February 07, 2005
A virgin girl. Generally a young girl.
Hey buddy, I bet that chick's a bleeder!
by Just another anonymous kook October 07, 2004
A left-wing Liberal. Comes from the expression "bleeding heart liberal."
That guy hasn't a conservative bone in his body--he's a total bleeder.
by Just another anonymous kook October 07, 2004
One who causes others to bleed.
see fucktard
by greyghost November 29, 2002
A tag. Usually a burner.
shit bleeds right off the wall mang
by RED December 15, 2002
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