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A man from or with roots from any spanish speaking country with both black (African) and spanish ancestry. Sometimes referred to as a blatino or a blaxican (depending on the spanish country of origin). As with an afro-latina, afro-latino's have the best of both worlds. They are sexy, passionate, make great lovers and ladies, if you are ever lucky enough to catch one, you'll find there's nothing better than a brotha who speaks Spanish. They come in many flavors, cafe (Merlin Santana), cafe con leche (Tego Calderon), caramel (Maxwell)and leche.
At times, the Afro-Latino may become very frustrated, because the latino community (which he loves)doesn't recognize him and shows racism. Afro-Latinos take this in stride and continue being the lovers that they are.
Ayyyy, Tego Calderon is fine, I gotta get me an afro-latino como el!

Girl #1:Gurl, I didn't know that brotha spoke Spanish?
Girl#2:Yeah, gurl, he's afro-latino!
#black #latino #afro-latino #sexy #spanish #blatino #blexican
by Mariposa Linda January 18, 2009
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