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so high you dont kno were you are or what your doing.
i got so blasted last night i dont know what i did
by tank February 27, 2005
Eric Cartman's Spelling of jew
Cartman: Goddamnit, maybe we cant get to heaven cause he is here with us!
Stan: What?
Cartman: Cause one of us is a j-o-o, joo
Kyle: Shut the fuck up cartman!
by Tank February 19, 2003
Someone who Bribes, or a loan shark
Don't exploit inmates, don't be a racketeer
by Tank January 06, 2005
these critters tend to get stuck in your teeth after a round of horizontal hokey pokey
Bobby: Hey there. Did you and Billy Bob just get done, well you know...
Lisa Jo: Why? Do I have ball hair in my teeth?
by Tank December 29, 2003
Junk will accumulate in the space available.

Coined my Mike Kelly
Oh man, i bought the new house with more storage space but you'd never, Kelly's Law kicked in, I have no space and junk everywhere.
by Tank June 26, 2009
Angry sex with a slut, where the male pins her legs in the air, either her knees to her tits or her feet to her ears (forming a pretzel). Than conintues ravage her pussy in an angry fashion (hate)
Sisco: Tank Slow down
Tank: this is slow

Tank pins Cuddles knees to her chest and speeds up.

next day
TANK: I hate fuck that slut
Sisco: she looked like a pretzel
Tank: I "pretzel hate fuck" her
by Tank January 31, 2007
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