Absurd due to the fact that it is too awesome/true for that of the ignorant ones to understand.
"I don’t believe in God. He never talks to me like he does to those other lesser followers of him within the Bible."
"Be cautious, lone sheep. God talks to me everyday, so that in which you speak of is blasphemy."
by Bucket Life October 01, 2007
a slang term for the word bullshit.
Bob: yo i gotta write a 10 page report on WEB Du Bois.
Tom:thats blasphemy.
by Jacky L December 25, 2007
To do something out of ordinary ,kind of like playing god or to act like you are. To state false comments about things you dont kno.
Jenny always assumes she knows everything about a certain person ,but yet she knows nothing ,she needs to stop trying to play god and shut up
by Shelbs April 09, 2005
doing something out of violence or immorality
writing or doing something against the LORD. or doing something immoral
by john wagner November 02, 2003

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