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Anything said or done that is considered uncool or against all that is good in the world. Any person that has commited a blasphemy is afterwards subjected to a blasphemy slap in retaliation.
Lola: "Oh my God! There's a marathon of Hannah Montana coming on tonight! Wanna watch?"
Jenny: "Blasphemy!"

Jim: "Hey man, did you hear that they're already making another Smash Bros.?"
Al: "Really?"
Jim: "Yeah, but it's only being made for Playstation."
Al: "Blasphemy! They get all the good games!"
by AtticMonster April 02, 2008
The slap given after one has commited a blasphemy, to discourage it's continued use.
Rick: "Dude, Jonas just told me that he hates Guitar Hero!"
Rob: "You called blasphemy on him right?"
Rick: "Hell yeah I did, and he got a blasphemy slap to teach him a lesson."
Rob: "Sweet."
by AtticMonster April 02, 2008
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