The blarp is the act of deficating in a bathtub.
Before returning the key to his ex-girlfriend's house, Mike got revenge with a blarp in every bathroom.
by JT April 16, 2005
Top Definition
1. the sound a fat person makes while being fat.

2. having a blarpy or blarpish quality.

3. in a physical condition where fat rolls have accumulated mid-waist, and normal non-fat activity causes labored breathing.

4. the dramatic settling and straining that occurs when an abnormally obese person moves from a standing to sitting position.
1. "I thought you put your cat on a diet. She still seems a bit blarpish."

2. "That fat chick sat down on that tiny plastic chair, and it was all like BLARP!"
by pipesmcgavin June 18, 2010
Farting in the back of a fine automobile with leather, such as a Cadillac
Brady Quit blarping back there!!!
by coxroxnja February 11, 2011
The sound you make when sticky spit has clogged your throat while sleeping and you try to talk.
I awoke with breath that smelled like a worm melting in the sun and tried to tell my girlfriend good morning and merely said "blarp" as a spit bubble rose up my throat and popped upon exiting my mouth.
by Robertismyname January 10, 2013
a word some old friends use to use during odd silence.
from the movie "Lost in Space" a little creature later in the movie makes the noise.
*odd silence* "Blarrrrp!"
by Cryo March 29, 2004
When one gets shit upon, in the context of "owned" or "pwned". blarp, blarped, blarping, etc.
Holy shit, I just got blarped on so badly by KayEmX. Never playing Halo again.
by stagga July 10, 2010
The differnece between soysauce, and the sauce that has yet to be soyed.
Does this sauce contain blarp?
by Emily Dawson November 22, 2003
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