A Random word that expresses your outgoingness. This word is expecially used to probably annoy people that don't know the definition of this word. This word can be used as part of a language with words such as blargh, blarghity, blagh, ,bargh...so on. This can be used for your friends to tell them something that is private...but you seriously need to teach them this and be crazy but that's ok. This definition was created by Tommy Solari...and special thanks to Alexander Dorf!!
"BLARGH" "blargity-blargh" "blargh, Blargh"

by Tommy Solari March 21, 2008
1. a descrete and less offensive form of the word "fuck"
2. used by the alien thingy (can't remember the specific name of the creature) in the internet series "Red V. Blue" as a language form
1. awww, blargh that.
what in blargh are you doing
by gutter July 12, 2006
Two words - Howard Dean. That should be self-explanitory
by NowhereMan March 28, 2005
blargh is everything or nothing,
infinity and/or negitive infinity,
blargh has the power to creat maintain, destroy and re-creat in a never ending cycle

other texts of blargh: b to the largh to the frizzy argh; blargh in a hat, and blargherino
blargh u and blargh the horse u rode in on!!!
u blarghing piece of blargh!!
im gonna blargh u so hard ull blargh thru ur ears!!
(or randomly just say blargh as an act of confusion) billy whats 9+3? umm..BLARGH!
by philippe page and tim proser August 11, 2004
native language of the fatty
' do not attempt to eat that chicken off the buffet, BLARGH '
by betty bolognatubes July 26, 2004
anything or everything, usually for when things are unfair or when your mad...
BLARGH!!! Thats blarghed out, g.
by bren.knee. April 25, 2003
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