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1. the name of a unicorn's third toe

2. or the reason we are making this post, excessive boredom or a generally feeling of blah
oooo, I'm stuck in a room with a bunch of idiots, blargh.
by zombiedragqueen April 05, 2009
A word of extreme hyperactivity, frusteration, or orgasmic origin.
BLARGH!! I just stabbed you in the back of the neck with a pen.


BLARGH!, that felt good.
by iDerek March 27, 2009
1. saying "fuck" in a discrete way.
2. the alien speech that "honk honk" uses in the internet series, Red Vs. Blue.
1. man blargh this
you just got blargh'd

Hey alien, does blargh mean yes?
Holy shit I can talk alien!
by loonygamer October 24, 2006
1. The expulsion or exclamation mentioned during a bout of general irritation. Blargh has roots in two similar "anger words", blah and argh. It is sometimes referred to as a fusion of "blah" and "argh".
2. A referral to something, usually an indiscriminate object or term. To say something is merely "random blargh" indicates that the preceding information was useless drivel.
1. "Oh, blargh! I forgot to do my homework yesterday!"

"Blargh it. Everyone's mad at me."

2. "What you just said was a load of blargh."
by GoldenKirbichu May 17, 2006
a thematic blog where the writer emits quantums of negative energies by recounting periods of intense suffering, anger, and dissapointment.
I was motivated to join the army due to the events on september eleventh. Trained to be a medic, I now find myself in Iraq as a full time.... JANITOR? FOR WHAT REASON AGAIN? WTF? I'm not just writing a blog here, I'm writing a certified genuine goddamn BLARGH!!
by Zuganruft March 24, 2004
A more defined and rougher form of the word 'Bla'... Mostly used as an insentive to discontent feelings, or as a illiterate substitute for 'STFU'...
'd00d j00 sux0r...' | 'BLARGH'
by GameTrax September 16, 2002
A Random word that expresses your outgoingness. This word is expecially used to probably annoy people that don't know the definition of this word. This word can be used as part of a language with words such as blargh, blarghity, blagh, ,bargh...so on. This can be used for your friends to tell them something that is private...but you seriously need to teach them this and be crazy but that's ok. This definition was created by Tommy Solari...and special thanks to Alexander Dorf!!
"BLARGH" "blargity-blargh" "blargh, Blargh"

by Tommy Solari March 21, 2008