A expression used to describe frustration or anger.

Can also be used to say no to someone.
Example 1

Person 1: Fuck You, man!
Person 2: Whats your problem, dude?
Person 1: BLARGH!

Example 2
Person 1: Would you like to do something tonight?
Person 2: BLARGH!
by Amilliah August 22, 2009
When something is dull, worthless, or uninteresting while being annoying, frustrating, or irritating at the same time.
In a situation of two people being bored and trying to find something to do.
Person 1: sarcastically "Why don't we wash your car"
Person 2: excitedly "We should go wash my car"
Person 1: head in hands "Blargh"
by Naradana March 19, 2009
When someone hurls. Also the vomit.

When your mad.

A word to raise the intensity of something. Like really.
"Dude Jonas just blarghed in your sink"

"Blargh! Jonas just blarghed in my sink"

"You should've seen it! It was like a blargh beam! It was blargh awesome
by Klussi Kok October 13, 2009

1) A saying somewhere inbetween "Blah" and "Argh". Generally one of frustration.

2) The noise you make whenever you're going through another FGE (Fucking growth experience).

3) A noise/word to say/type when you're reminded somehow of Glen Coco from the most useless Lindsay Lohan film out there, Mean Girls.

4) Also referring to Glen Coco, a noise you make when you think of candy canes, regarding the fact that Glen Coco received four at christmas.
1) "Blargh."
2) "I'm gonna fail math if I don't do my homework...blargh."
3). "Blargh. Glen Coco is mocking me in my head."
4) "Candy canes? Yo. I'm all like, blargh now."

by Fweeness March 08, 2009
An expression of barbaric anger or frustration.
Johnny is very tired and has been playing his video-game for over 16 hours straight. When he still is unsuccesful he screams "BLARGH" in agony.
by Erik Villoria May 10, 2007
Originated from the Halo series, Main Reference from the Arbitor. Blargh references to origin similiar to the word argh. Blargh (Adjective...somewhat..) Means a sudden but suprised expression too something not going quite to plan or being totally annialated un-intentionally and expressing your sudden suprise and anguish of your body going splitter splatter all over the place.
Dude look Im totally teabagging this! (Grenade lands right in the groin)....(EXPLODES) BLLAAARRRGGHH!!!!!! Lol...Blargh?
by OldHipGuy July 08, 2010
A combination of "blah" and "argh" usually used when one is bored and frustrated at the same time.
"Blargh, I have so much Math homework!"
by LaFemmeNikkita February 08, 2010

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