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A type of character created in the MMORPG City of Heroes. Blappers start out with the blaster archetype, which specializes in offensive prowess and long-range attacks but can't take as much damage as some others. However, the player then develops the powers of the character to boost their defense and melee attacks. The player basically tries to create turn the blaster into a scrapper, a tougher archetype specializing in melee attacks, while still enjoying the inherent offensive bonus of the blaster archetype.

Opinion of the effectiveness of such a strategy is mixed. Some insist it doesn't work, while others insist that they've had success creating such characters.

The word is a portmanteau of "blaster" and "scrapper".
what r u doin? get behind the tanks stop tryin to be a blapper
by Perceptor II February 03, 2008
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A females Vagina / Sex drive.
"Aye did you get that"
" Bro she gave me some of that Blapper bruh"
by 916ink January 23, 2015
The handy thing u use to change the channel on the Tv.
Yo Mike this show sucks pass me the blapper.
by couch potatoe October 02, 2008
A convenient and easier way to signify a black rapper without directly pointing out the fact that he or she is black.
Who sings this? Oh, I don't know, probably some mainstream blapper trying to make it big on VH1.
by xxizzlefoshizzle August 09, 2011
A large breast. One that is particularly pendulous. Especially those whose nipples point fully downwards.
Blapper is based in onomatopoeia see blap

Her blappers were easily visible as they had sunk so low as to look like an extra roll of fat on
her stomach.
by Jason Gilbert January 17, 2006

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