Birth name: Dallas Winston

A character from The Outsiders. The tough guy in the Greaser gang, he committed suicide after Johnny Cade died from severe burns after he saved kids from a burning church.
Dally livened up The Outsiders a great deal.
by StatenIslander November 21, 2007
A nick name for the usually male name "Dallas".
"Ay, dally! How bout' dem cowboys?
by Skye! January 02, 2008
To delay; act slowly. A shortened version of dilly dally. Usually used in reference to someone slowing you down en route to a place you want to be.
"Don't dally on the way to happy hour"
by gov'ner November 09, 2007
to use, ride or drive something and fucking around in the process
lets go dally the bikes
by look behind you May 16, 2007

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