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A description of a blunt being typed on a work computer that may be keylogging.
Gabe: Let's smoke a blunt later
Mike: Don't talk about weed to me when I'm at work someone might be watching.
Gabe: OK, Wanna smoke a blant later?
by naggernensky May 14, 2009
From the BBC Television series of "Look Around You"
Bless you ants. Blants.
by speedwell81 April 16, 2005
A web log (blog)entry that is used to complain about something (rant).
I'm going to write a blant about the amount of penguin movies there are.
by Megadecimal May 30, 2007
To be boring, blank, usless, stupid, pointless.
"That christmas party was blant"

^ Referring to as 'The Christmas party was boring, or a waste of time.'
by Gigaman June 19, 2005
N. A blunt (marijuana rolled cigar)

Pronounced Bah-lant with stress on the (ah) similiar to the noise a sheep makes.
Person 1: I'm about to blaze this blunt.

Foreigner 1: You mean to say you are smoking thee blant.
by hkhk December 28, 2007
The combination of a blog and a rant. Part blog, part rant. The word came up by accedent while combining the two.
"Did you read's Mike's latest blant? He really let his opinions out of the box this time."
by Daisy O'Malley March 18, 2009
The term 'blates' being used in a banterful context, to normally express sarcasm but showing that banter is intended.
"We are just so awesome, blants!"
by LejellyJelly March 04, 2014
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