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A description of a blunt being typed on a work computer that may be keylogging.
Gabe: Let's smoke a blunt later
Mike: Don't talk about weed to me when I'm at work someone might be watching.
Gabe: OK, Wanna smoke a blant later?
by naggernensky May 14, 2009
an extension to anything said when discussing plans while you are intoxicated or high.
Gabe: Let's go smoke a blantdiddydo.
Mike: No doubt. Lemme go hop in the whipdiddydo I'll pick up the dutchdiddydo.
by naggernensky May 15, 2009
Black knees belong to women who meet random strangers in places of gathering (i.e. restaurant or nightclub) and proceed to give them blowjobs.
Jenny: She was blowing some dude in the bathroom at the club.
Mike: Explains why she in the club with a white dress and black knees.
by naggernensky May 16, 2009
a slang term for oh shit, fuck, what the fuck, thats fucked up, or you just got slapped.
Mike: I just found out my ex-gf cheated on me with 2 dudes and I've been having unprotected sex with her for 6 months.
Gabe: BAQ!
by naggernensky May 15, 2009
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