used to say that something is dull or boring;however, it is more often used as a random word to shove in the middle of a speech or math lesson to catch attention
The calculus class at school was a real blam.

Mr. Entropy, the math teacher, kept repeating the word blam to keep the students' attention.
by ultrabasshead September 03, 2008
That's when it hits ya right there, you be FEELIN it!
When I saw that dude spit poetry last time, man it was like BLAM! In your face, raw daddy, no joke.
by thewhitenight November 13, 2004
To be taken off of newgrounds because the pansy people to lazy to do their own work get rid of it because they don't know talent when they see it.
Heh.. heh heh.. It made me chuckle, but nonetheless..

by Bishmilla July 12, 2004
To Blamm someone is to prove them wrong, and at the same time, humiliate them.
Jon-o: Hah! I bet you can't even get past Fred!
Caz: Smashes through everyone Blammed!
by Caz May 04, 2004
One BLAM is equivalent to 1,000,000 to the 1,000,000th power. It is the ultimate number when creating scenarios, but it's not something crazy like one billion to the billionth power... that would just be stupid.
20 BLAM of hobbits vs. Superman... who would win?
by condorraptor April 18, 2012
A shitty meme created by a 148M get
anon 1: "My girlfriend just broke up with me, what do I do?"

anon 2: "BLAM!"

anon 3: "FUCK YOU GTFO!"

by Ataxia148M July 22, 2009
The updated modern version of SCHWING.
Said when you see an extremely attractive woman.

To give an erection.

The Halo 3 nerd way of saying SCHWING!

Also used to annoy your roommate ( or any person for that matter) by entering a room or approaching an individual and making the (facial, moneyshot motion) while saying BLAM!

A female that is so incredibly attractive you want to ejaculate in her face.

-Jessica Alba... BLAM!
-Tia Carrere... BLAM!
-Nicole Scherzinger... BLAM!
-Lucy Lui... BLAM!
-Somaya Reece... BLAM!
-Christine Dolce... BLAM!

Did you see that girl? She is f'n gorgeous! BLAM!
by MachineShop January 09, 2008
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