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A word that is screamed in the heat of the moment.

As you punch Emril in the face, you'll say "BLAM"!.

As you orgasm on the clown that you have tied in your trunk, you'll scream, "BLAM!"

As Frank is on your shoulders and you toss him 45 Km, he will scream BLAM! and ejaculate at the same time. You will then FRANK IT UP!
by PheeeDizzle June 22, 2009
The sound of a man's penis when he slaps it across someone's face.
As he stood there looking at her wide eyes, he hauled his elephant piece and slugged her across the face. Blam!
by Somebodyyoumightknow November 24, 2011
awesome, 'nuff said
i caught the bus and made it here to see y'all on time and it's still happy hour

by amsterday October 06, 2010
When you feel you have so much game you just take over. You walk in a room, and BLAM, the hottees in the room are yours for the taking
man a- how was the party?

man b- yeah good man, just walked in and BLAM! Had numbers comin' at me like a rockstar

man a- Yeah right, your just saying cause I stayed home

man b- no shit man, it was BLAM!
by tokoyoko January 03, 2010
The code name for Halo.
Jason Jones let us work on Blam!
by WenisMan February 28, 2005
To be "blog spammed".

A relatively new practice in the blogosphere where script kiddies and black-hat hackers uses scripts to insert
either meaningless comments or advertisements for products using the open comment fields in a blog.
Aw, dude, I got blammed last night. The jammed my blog with crap.
by stefan January 22, 2004
One BLAM is equivalent to 1,000,000 to the 1,000,000th power. It is the ultimate number when creating scenarios, but it's not something crazy like one billion to the billionth power... that would just be stupid.
20 BLAM of hobbits vs. Superman... who would win?
by condorraptor April 18, 2012