A Term used in place of a noun.(Person, Place or Thing)
Get me that BLICKY over there.
That BLICKY is bling bling.
by Big "L" January 29, 2004
Originates from blah and icky.

Adj. Of a gross or crappy quality.
V. to blick: To be in a bad mood, to be down.
The weather is blicky today.
This soup tastes blicky.
I'm feeling kind of blicky.
She's been blickin all week.
by Becky LeMoine December 15, 2004
slang for a friend or comrade, usually used in greetings
hey blicky what's goin on
what's up blicky
yo' blicky, see that ho, she gives good dome...i would know
by sheizzy May 14, 2003
Going down on a chick while she is taking a dump. The alternative to a blumpy.
I would so totally give Gina a blicky.
by Follows Herons September 07, 2007
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