(noun); (adjective) A guy who likes the men; Typically likes to cuddle.
Sorry, I only like Blaines..
by SaXopHonE PLAYA August 30, 2010
A particularily horny boy. Who always manages to make anything sound dirty.
Must have his twice daily wank otherwise gets ridiculously horny and cranky.
Beware of shouts of suprise sex.... means he is going to rape you.
most often heard phrase is "i want hugs!"
"That is such a blaine thing to say"
by nellynips August 31, 2008
A totally awesome mexican bi-sexual adventurer boy who stars in the show "Kyle And Blaine". Co-writer of the theme song "The Adventures Of Kyle And Blaine." Seems to be 900% sexy and is obsessed with milkshakes, Mike 'N' Ikes, pasta and bagels. Blaine is rarely seen without his counterpart, Kyle. Blaine's famous catch phrases are "BOB SAGET!" and "FYI." Blaine always wears a pair of aviator sunglasses and pronounces "don't" as "dunt".
"Gee Blaine, what should we do today?"



"I'm making a milkshake just FYI."
by Kyle&Blainewerehere August 21, 2009
A nerdy child whose soul purpose inlife is to be ridiculed.
Joe "I feel sad"
Fred "Go find Blaine"
Joe "thats a great idea"
by joaquindk January 01, 2009
a really stupid person...usually
one who all girls think looks like bigfoot
That guys blaine...he will never get any.
by Lenenenen September 01, 2006
a boy who stinks like poo all the girls think hes made of poo and wont go near him

he shits on his hand and licks it off
god whats that smell

i think Blaine has just entered
by i eat onions12366 July 18, 2009
A combination of "bland" and "plain" and I totally used it to describe myself on AIM, thinking it was a word. :)
A synonym for it can be such as "melancholy" but with dry emotion or such as slight "apathy"
A-"How was your day today?"
B-"I don't know, I've been pretty blaine all day, it's my medicine that does it to me."
A-"What do you mean?"
B-"I mean like, I've been out of it and nothing excited me today unusually, it just felt like I was forced onto a kiddie ride at Six Flags."
by Charlene Grunenwald May 22, 2008

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