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to get absolutley hammered, and not remember what you did in the morning, but find out through your freinds mocking you.
mate steve got totaly blained last night
by ghaskjdlf;mdfg May 06, 2011
When one has been abandoned by their team mates or when their team mates join the opposing team
He was blained by his team mates every time he played
by Maddness March 13, 2015
A term mostly used in video games (halo 3). To no scope somebody in the face or to shoot beatdown someone quickly. Used by most MLG pro's.
Get blained you random. Wow, walshy just got blained to the face. Kenny just blained me so hard! This random T2 is trying to blain me
by Battle Riffle April 05, 2009
The act of unbelievably (merking) someone to a rediculous extent. It come from the magician David Blaine who can do anything and escape death etc
by MonkeyFeatures January 03, 2011

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