A particularly crooked and/or incredibly stupid politician.
Hey did you hear about the senator?

He took a bribe and Blagojeviched his career...
by Dick Mell December 10, 2008
When you try to sell something you were not suppose to. Than going against all advice of admitting you did.
Guy 1: Hey want to get lunch?
Guy 2: Where did you get the money?
Guy 1: I sold my Great Grandmothers Wedding Ring.
Guy 2: What a Blagojevich
by reelbigliar December 31, 2008
A sexual position in which the male gets behind the female, puts his hands on her hips, and then attempts to sell the Illinois Senate Seat to the highest bidder.
Mitch tried to pull the old "Blagojevich" on his girlfriend last night...he broke his pelvis and was dragged away by the Illinois State Police and a visibly excited Harry Reid.
by Raptor J3sus January 04, 2009
n. the tufts of hair that protrude from the side or top of a woman's bikini bottom or panties to the degree that's as obscene as the beaver pelt worn on the head of the former Illinois governor. Can be shortened in some circumstances to "blago".
Baby, tuck away that blagojevich or we can't go to the beach.

Geeze, that girl's got a major-league "blago" going on down there.
by MauiSteve February 02, 2009
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