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uber haxor, advocate of #planethalflife and all of the known world.
that blaed is such an uber guy.
by blaed February 28, 2003
the best guy you will ever meet,perfect smile, perfect eyes, perfect height, everything about him is. he gives amazing hugs and is a great kisser, he is such a lovable guy, is great with kids, you can tell him anything and trust that he wont tell a soul, he knows when your upset, and will defend you anyday, he is brave and doesnt take shit from anyone, he is one of a kind, no one could ever replace him, but he needs to stop being down on himself about death, but other wise 100% perfect!!
girl 1; whos that dude over there?!?
girl 2; ohh thats blaed?
girl 1; is he single??
gir 2; nope, sorry?
girls; what a lucky girl;
by bindy October 22, 2012