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what you say when you dont care what people are saying to you
mom: "do you want to got to the store with me to buy a walnut?"

*meanwhile you are saying* "bla bla bla" (said over moms voice)
by mai13 September 15, 2005
incredible but yet perplexing (for some reason there is an "n" instead of an "m"-pretty cool hu?)
"bob is very impexive half the time."

"i feel impexive today!"
by mai13 May 30, 2005
sweet tricks/stunts that were done unexpectedly
"man! those were some rigid dibractions!"

"do that one dibraction you did yesterday.."
by mai13 September 15, 2005
slang used to describe something that is "sweet", "wicked", "righteous", "awesome", and or "cool".

could be abbrivated to: rig r-eye-ge
"man that was rigid!"

"that is so rig!"
by mai13 September 15, 2005
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