A key rat term for a good looking , beautiful, or hot usually young female individual, unless its a milf, wich by the way can still qualify, and who is also usually of hispanic heritage but not a requirement and resides mostly in the miami and key biscyane area where they origniated, or in simpler terms a girl who makes you pop a boner or bust a load in ur pants just by being in thyere presence or looking at pictures of her, preferably on myspace or something.
1). Yo dawg, i went to the key yesterday to go catch sum fire ass grub at sir pizza and im just chillin there right, and then i see this banging blade runner walking out of cvs, i was guna go holler at that but i pussied out, i had 2 go the bathroom and wack it, damn that bitch was hot, and she was from the key, home of the finest woman.

2) Natasha, GiGi, Coty, Babs, etc. (all key rats by the way)
by blink721 June 20, 2006
Top Definition
1. A killer of simulated humans called REPLICANTS - clone robots genetically engineered to be way stronger and at least as smart as their creators. In the Ridley Scott movie, a police officer who is authorized to kill these beings is called a Blade Runner.

2. Blade Runner: Syd Mead did the concept art for this awsome flick based on Philip K Cicks novel "Do Andriod Dream of Electric Sheep". Best film ever according to millions of Science Fiction geeks, including me -- until DEADMAN -- a Jarmusch film starring Johnny Depp --outplaced it as the best film of all time.
Sushi restaraunt guy: "He say you blade runner"

Harrison Ford: "Tell him I'm eating"
by monkiki April 06, 2005
1980s science fiction film starring Harrison Ford and directed by Ridley Scott. Bladerunners are special police officers trained to hunt down replicant rogues.

The film is well known among sci-fi fans for its ending, which the studio forced Scott to change for the original theatrical release (it was later restored in a director's cut). The studio forced Scott to replace the dark, ambiguous closing scene with a sickning honeymoon scene and voiceover.

Ford and Scott hold different views as to whether Ford's character in the film is a replicant or not. This ambiguous plot point is not entirely proven or disproven in the DC.
Have you seen Bladerunner? Great movie, but what's with those weird unicorn bits?
by Greg May 01, 2004
A person who is into cocaine.
Phil is one of the many bladerunners at this party.
by The Waldo July 10, 2008
skaters who favour in line to boarding
rick and the blade runners are at it again
by pyke August 08, 2004
1. take a shit between the shoulder blades of a chick and fuck her between the shoulder blades

2. the opposite of a chili dog
Company Attention....BLADERUNNERS!!!!
by dirtylonghorn September 06, 2010
An incredibly boring & tedious film starring Harrison Ford. It is of the 'film noir' and 1980's sci-fi genre.

Understandably, the film performed terribly at the American Box-Office, grossing a mere $6 million in its' first week, and was widely criticised by film critics.
Person 1: I'm watching Blade Runner in class today.

Person 2: Watching a blank screen would be a more pleasant and interesting experience.
by MPF-FILM-NOIR-MONT-BLANC March 27, 2009
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