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7 definitions by pyke

a marginally sexist way to refer to a girl.
hey momma wanna maybe play freaky with me
by pyke August 08, 2004
133 103
an insult-often used between siblings as a term of affection.
hey twip mom wants you to haul ass and get your laundry downstairs
by pyke August 08, 2004
42 15
to attempt to pull someone and fail
his attempt to pull tori was a total wipeout
by pyke August 08, 2004
22 11
used when a quick exit is required(ie when your family are asking too many questions.)- informal goodbye
meeting some friends in 5 so gotta blaze
by pyke August 08, 2004
10 8
a person who is known for travelling-an extreme sports fanatic who uses pavements and stairwells rather than a proper training area.
are those skaters at it again, they should be at home not moving in a zone runners pack
by pyke August 08, 2004
1 0
skaters who favour in line to boarding
rick and the blade runners are at it again
by pyke August 08, 2004
5 14
something so boring that you cannot focus on it
sociology was alright but politics was beyond zeta
by pyke August 08, 2004
15 64