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A key rat term for a good looking , beautiful, or hot usually young female individual, unless its a milf, wich by the way can still qualify, and who is also usually of hispanic heritage but not a requirement and resides mostly in the miami and key biscyane area where they origniated, or in simpler terms a girl who makes you pop a boner or bust a load in ur pants just by being in thyere presence or looking at pictures of her, preferably on myspace or something.
1). Yo dawg, i went to the key yesterday to go catch sum fire ass grub at sir pizza and im just chillin there right, and then i see this banging blade runner walking out of cvs, i was guna go holler at that but i pussied out, i had 2 go the bathroom and wack it, damn that bitch was hot, and she was from the key, home of the finest woman.

2) Natasha, GiGi, Coty, Babs, etc. (all key rats by the way)
by blink721 June 20, 2006
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