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1. Noun. A bruise that appears beneath or around the eye after sustaining impact from an external source.

2. Noun. A vehicle with two headlights, with one of those two not functioning.
1. That baseball that hit me in the eye yesterday gave me a black eye.

2. It's unsafe to drive at night with a black eye; get a new pair of headlights.
by TEP November 27, 2005
a bruise surrounding the eye and/or on the eyelid due to a blow to the face
He has a black eye from his encounter with the street punks.
by The Return of Light Joker October 13, 2008
A cup of coffee with two shots of espresso in it.
I was tired and needed to finish my paper, so I made a black eye.
by mikm October 09, 2006
the black eye is when you are throat swabbing a girl and your balls hit her in the eye.
anthony wishes he could give that chick a black eye
by Vornven April 09, 2009
awesome indie band that uses 2 vocalists. one screaming one kind of singing.
BLACK EYES crazy ness
by loser November 11, 2004
1. The effect of being punched in the eye
2. A male human who takes it "like a man"
1. I had a blackeye after the fight in school
2. "Don't be suck a blackeye. You're acting like a homo."
by Rawrrr February 26, 2006
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