a black prep is a black person and wears preppy clothing. a person that acts ghetto and can keep it real but rocks aeropastle and collared shirts and also can hold a conversation with real preps and keep it striaght hood at the same time.
1. "Tiana is a black prep, i wouldnt mess with her."
by Tiana P August 21, 2006
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First of all, a true preppy person thats black DOES NOT "ACT GHETTO" they are the most polished black people you can find. some people will call them "upidy" but that's because their jealouse. Secondly, You will never find a true prep wearing Aeropostale. If they are a prep of any degree then their closet would be full of Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Lilly Pulitzer, and of corse 7 jeans for lazy days. If you are black and a prep you are deffinatly a member of Jack and Jill. Preps don't always go to a private school but where ever they go it's pretty close to it. So for anyone that thinks theif a prep but also think their "Ghetto" their deffinatly perpertrating! Like I said in the begining, black preps are polished. You might call us oreo's but u know what thats only because you can't compete with us.
Jonothan and Macy are proably the cutest black prep couple i'v ever seen.
by :.Lauren C.: August 28, 2006
A black prep isn't any different than any other "american individual" who dresses in the fashion of Preppy Americana Style. I.E (Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Martha's Vineyard Clothing, etc) A Black Prep, is just a minority of the American population who dresses in said above fashion, normally in the south, more pastel or bright colors are to be worn, as a male black prep and a southerner, I prefer the above clothing paired with a college fitted baseball cap, or quoddy mocs with no socks.
They don't always have to come from money. But, to afford most of these clothing a steady income form the parents or self is stressed. Also, Prep is more of a upbringing and a combo of some form of monetary gain. Needless to say, you don't have to own thousands of cars/vacation at the "right" spots to be preppy. Preppy is a fashion statement as well as a way of life, but the latter in my opinion is more about "class" how you carry yourself (good moral/social conduct),good finances(no debts/well credit/generous account)manners(important in the South),college degrees or higher education/FULL employment(mostly white collar jobs (but this varies) depending if the earnings are above national average.Modesty is key, never brag about your upbringing.
Girl 1: "Jasmine is cute, oh, she's a black prep, doe's she vacation at Martha's Vineyard like the other kids from "Our Kind of People" the book by Lawrence Otis Graham? LOL
Girl 2: "That's not true, her father works for the Pentagon and her mother is a school teacher. They're not even Jack and Jill, though, they are respected in their community, live in a posh neighborhood and work for every dime, think they are the American dream like most of the U.S in those regards."
by Jack Skipwith April 26, 2010
The TRUE black prep wears J. Press, Vineyard Vines, Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, and Barbour. They only attend the best colleges and universities in the NESCAC and Ivy League. They are often considered to be from 2nd generation wealth where their parents attended top colleges and formed successful careers. They usually only associate with other black preps and WASPs.
Black Prep 1: I'm still trying to decide if i want to attend Williams, Bowdoin, or Dartmouth.

Black Prep 2: My parents narrowed my choices to Wharton and Columbia.
by privileged241 October 13, 2011
A black prep is basically a white prep only (obviously) BLACK! They strive to live above the steryotype of blacks. Black preps are what most white people (and some blacks) would call an oreo or comfussed. Other white preps would say we come from "new money" and technically, it's true. Black people traditionally dont come from money but if they do they are either preppy or just a "rich ghetto person". It's sad to say but it's the truth.
now I myself would be considered a black prep and yes in my circle I would be seen as the black girl with 4 white girls and i'm fine with that because no one cares!
Also, that saying "all preps go to prep schools" is crap because yes I was in a very good pivate school from pre-school all the way up to 6th grade I'm in public school now (actually one of the best in my town) Black preps generally do wear lilly and ralph lauren (A MUST) and the girls always wear coach hats, scarfs, and summer shoes.

I am also what you would call a southen black prep and for us if your black and a true prep you are most deffinatly a member of Jack and Jill, (if your a black prep you know what that is), your daddy plays golf (and can hold his own on the course), and your younger and older brother(s) play golf and/or tennis and are good at it. You should be part of some sort of lake club that has a golf course and tennis courts.

For girls it's important to be a very presentable southern bell and when you are 16 (sometimes 17) you are to be presented at a coutillion that your mother is very active in. when you pick your escort it is very important for that guy to be good looking and to have alot going for him. his profile should sound something like this: Winston Gandy III is a Senior at the Lovett School and is planing to attend either Harverd University, Howard University, the University of North carolina at Chapel Hill, or Princeton University. He is the captin of his Lacrosse team and is a member of AJGA (Atlanta Junior Golf Association) Today he will be escorting Lauren Cofield. It is very important that your escorts profile dosnt overshadow yours.
Any black preppy girl would know that it is Simply unexceptable to carry a back pack in school (unless its a louis vuitton back pack). you always carry a tote back (usually by coach or one you got from durby) with a very cute but modest charm on it.

as far as sports go:
guys always play
and Fencing

Girls generaly play
Golf (if you play you must be able to hold your own)
or you will be a debutant (which is truelly a sport)

Like I said before, black preps generally come from new money so there arn't many but if you know one then you know it because they don't dress like the other black people in your school....they dress sooooooooooooooooo much better
Quaneisha: HHAHAHA look at that oreo over there
Blane: Shes not an oreo...shes just a Black Prep
by Lauren_C June 01, 2006
A black prep is someone who is most likely wealthy not rich. Black preps often summer in the northeastern regions of america but also in england. Ironically black preps enjoy shopping at abercrombie and fitch. Never hollister,aeropostale or most of the other stores in the shopping mall. They most likely in the south but earlier generations come from up north. Note though traditional america believes that all black people's ancestors were slaves most black preps ancestors were not. They are the few black people from europe. black preps go to public school until 8th or 9th grade than move up to a boarding or private school. They enjoy trouble and barely passing grades up until high school. That is when they pick up the slack and ultimately end up going to an upscale university. prep staples are a must and remember-Black people wearing aeropostale arent preps they are just black people wearing aeropostale.
Hey bob where are ya going this summer"Black prep replies "I will be Summering in Nantucket"
by Blpreppie January 30, 2007
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