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Adj. An object/person of pure beauty.
Look at that girl, she is so Macy.
by Macy November 24, 2004
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The girl in which you would just love to be loved back by. The girl in which you would just love to please. The most beautiful girl you have ever met.
by ILMACYSFM September 01, 2008
The girl that i'm falling so deeply in love with. The girl that puts a smile on my face whether I'm with her or jsut thinking about her. No other person could possibly hold the beauty she holds inside and outside. She is my better half <3
also known as Gachel, Caky Macy, Minnie Macy
by jooyoung September 05, 2004
To make odd facial expressions
"Did you see her face!? It was totally a Macy face!"
by Facey14 December 28, 2009
An institution where countless bright professionals accidentally drop by and sacrifice their career, sanity, will to live, happiness, and financial gain.

Workplace Environment: All the senior executives refuse to leave their post, retire, or advance to another position. Many of them had same job/title for over 10 to 20 years. (yet they waste countless work hours on succession planning twice a year)

Their idea of executive training is to delegate insane amount of work to few bright talents until they leave the company. (Some lose their mind and actually pretend they are Joker from Batman movies......)

Rumors say many new executives out of school made more money working at local McDonald's while in school compared to their Macy's salary.

Bonus = Macy's money.

Benefits: Must work in the store once a yr (one actually moved boxes at loading dock in a CK suit). Annual deduction (guilt trips) from welfare salary for United Way. (they set aside this deduction and later classify as Misc income when earnings fall short...)

Macy's never have to have any layoffs.....employees voluntarily leave every month. It is the only company in America still hiring when everyone else is under hiring freeze.
by TerryLundgren October 27, 2008
The prettiest girl ever she is super sexy these features are what make her so sexy: her beautiful eyes, her fit body,her beautiful hair, and her face is just so hot i cant get over it! she is one of the most popular girls in school. She is soooooooo hot!! Everyone in school just cant stop thinking about her. She is also a slut and it even makes her more sexy!!
OMG....Macy is sooo hot and sexyy i just cant get overr herrr!!!<33333
by the hot person:) October 16, 2010
A girl who is secretly very insecure but is always smiling and laughing. She's not what you would call beautiful or hot but there's something about her that makes the room light up. Although people love her she is afraid of not being accepted and doesn't take many chances.
Macy will never know unless someone reaches out to her.
by A_Friend_x August 02, 2013

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