Derived from blurt and kebab

A woman's plump or padded vagina
Good grief, I can smell that fat fuckers blab from here.
by Timson5stripe January 30, 2014
Top Definition
When someone gives away a secret they weren't supposed to tell. past tense: blabbed.
Please don't blab my secret.

Christina blabbed to Joe that I like him.
by ihavenothingbettertodo August 10, 2005
Acronym for Bottom Line After Bullshit
Person 1: "What's the deal with Megan?"

Person 2: *Long Story* followed by -

"BLABS - she wants to S on my D"
by ebeasy February 01, 2010
the stomach rolls that are the offspring of blubber and abs.
We went to the beach and my dad was showing off his blabs.
by pawljimz February 12, 2011
"Buffering Liek a Bastard" - An internet slang term for when video is streaming over a slow connection and you are constantly receiving "buffering" errors.
This video stream keeps on BLABing ( "Buffering like a bastard" )
by brx386 December 17, 2010
It is referenced in a Jay Z song. BIG LONG ASS BOAT
We be big pimpin on the b.l.a.b.
by Nilla2 February 15, 2012
Acronym/abbreviation for "Bawling Like A Baby". The next LOL. See FLAB.
"I am deeply touched by your kindness...BLAB."
by Infinite Monkeys October 26, 2011
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