to get very emotional after drinking, to profusely cry and hit urself in the face after a couple rounds of beerpong, to turn ur friends living room into a glass case of emotion after getting a couple of former love's text messages.
about an hour into the night he started to bizzle
by clintographer May 23, 2008
Water pipe, Bong, anything you can use as a bong for smoking crack or weed
"Hey, did you bring the bizzle?"
"Brynne, I wanna hit that bizzle!"
by thicky thick chick January 13, 2006
Old Korean term of describing certain flower pedals,or a way of classifying plants.
Korean #1-"Check out the bizzle."
Korean #2-"Thats pretty awesome."
Korean #3-"I cuncor."
by Hubbard March 25, 2005
WEEEEEED!! *marijuana*
i'm craving some bizzle man, hook me up!
by s a r a h June 15, 2004
An act of extreme stupidity, avoiding confrontation at all costs, or unintentional suicide. Basically anything Bizzle himself would do.
You just pulled a bizzle
by Terminator McJohnson April 18, 2005
kind bud
lets get a fuckin 1/8 of bizzle
by kevon March 21, 2004
A bong.
After I hit that bizzle I was smacked.
by Dizzle February 21, 2004

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