The kind of movements made by animals in scene setting footage in films and tv programmes.
Some "bizzle" footage is generally of different stock, age and lower quality to that of the rest of the progremme into which it has been spliced.
by Paul Dunning December 29, 2003
Slang for ECSTACY.
Wassup dawg; you wanna do some bizzle?
by MISS KAY GiZZLE September 20, 2003
a denigrating hand gesture (diss) accompanied by the utterance of the word bizzle meant to point out an instance of stupidity.
Person#1: "Fo bizzle my shizzle to the nizzle up my gizzle de fizzle."
Person#2: (Look of disapproval)..."Bizzle"
by Mizzal April 07, 2004
Slang term used when describing Starbucks brand coffee.

Also see Starbizzle.
You want to get some bizzle today?
Bizzle runs my life.
Starbizzle is on every corner nowadays.
Or the simple one word expression when one wants Starbucks: "Bizzle!"
by Need I say more January 05, 2006
Where I am from, a "bizzle" is a beer.
Pass me a bizzle.
by coppertop December 13, 2003
a close friend who you love OR you can use it harshly about somebody you don't like, just make sure you use the right tone of voice
ex. #1: 'Peace out, my baby Bizzle'

ex. #2: 'Who dat Bizzle think she is, gettin' all up on my man like that?!'
bizzle is bobby, there is no other bizzle... all of your other definitions are WRONG (i love yoouu!)
play nice, bizzle
by Melissa February 10, 2004

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