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A bizzle is a word often used by middle class european american youths who intend to "ghetto up" there vocabulary when in fact it has no meaning at all and therefore exposes there true nature. (80's exuivlant- "Yo, loose da zero and get wit da hero. Word t' yur mudda.")
Johny- "Yo, What up dog?"
Jimmy- "Not much, you down wit a bizzle my nizzle?
by jrump May 14, 2006
a character created by comic genius, Tom Green for the award winning film "Freddy got Fingered". Arguably one of the best films of our time featuring Tom Green as backwardsman. Also this film includes such memorable moments as Tom Green masturbating a horse, and who could forget the song from the hit soundtrack "daddy would you like some sausage"
I'm the backwardsman the backwardsman the backwardsman.
by jrump May 14, 2006
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