My Brother Joe L*s*o's "word and t means BITCH!
Yo Alicia is a BIZZLE she fuckin bit my dick!
by JOHNNY L. February 04, 2004
Substitute for a bowl (of marijuana).
Lets smoke a bizzle, my nizzle.
by Puffy January 14, 2004
bitch ass ho
whassup bizzle?
by wally October 17, 2003
Another word for bitch, and dubbed with the famous 'izzle' suffix

some times can be referred to as bizatch
that girl is such a bizzle

yo bizzle
by Mark October 09, 2003
A word used by people to describe them BITCHES
EX.1 I fuck all them dumb bizzle's last night and did the money shot in they eye. EX.2 Yo moma's a dumb bizzle. EX.3 Fo Shizzle my bizzle is in the bezzile felling her vizzle fo mezzle FA SHIZZLE my she my bizzle
by Pyro October 08, 2003
A term of affection used when referring to Freddie Brown aka Bizzle aka NewVo aka fBizzle aka Mather Union Represent.
Where is that cat bizzle, I miss his sketchy ass?
by Anonymous September 30, 2003
another word for ecstasy
You want to put 5 up on some bizzle with me
by b.l0ve September 21, 2003

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