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To express any action in speech, usually to continue later, or to show haste toward something.
Peter was expected to go home, but instead he said he'd bizzle back at his mother later, and go to the hood with his homies.
by ~1Superchick5~ May 22, 2010
3 6
Late afternoon to early evening nap. Usualy longer than two hours hence the BIzzle. Very close to being blacked out.
Damn that was a long bizzle. I went to sleep at 4p.m. and I didn't wake up until 7p.m. I was blacked out.
by matapendejos August 04, 2009
0 5
Your very best friend who has lasted through all the bullsht.
This is my bizzle Kristine; I've known her since I was ten!
by myso August 08, 2008
5 10
a word for "business" as in "the business" meaning something thats the best.most commonly used after saying "shizzle" or "ma nizzle" or "for rizzle" to ryhm and sound pimpin.
"man, these cheeseburgers are the bizzle"
by elliatto October 10, 2006
22 27
To be beatiful to look at, to be very hot or extremely cool
wow, thats a bizzle!
by Tommi December 06, 2004
5 10
A slang word for any slang word starting with a b.
As in Blow (coke), bitch, and bong for example.
Yo G, where da bizzle at (sniff sniff).
by Bizzle September 04, 2004
60 65
A type of small, odd grey cat, which, has a pair of claws capable only of clawing into the carcass' of many a badger. These badgers, who may put up a fight against the behemoth bizzle, will often fail due to his immense power.
Josh: AHH! The Bizzle has my eyes Jerry!

Jerry: *walks away*
by soopergrover May 03, 2004
5 10