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This is an ingenious quote by Kurt Cobain which means that suicide would be the bright side of a situation where you are isolated from the world and theres nothing to hold on to and you are full of anger and despair. Parasites in Africa commit suicide after they leave their parasite family because they have no where else to go.
I am my own parasite.
by Wally April 16, 2004
A stuntman whose realname is Tim Coburn that works at WIHT/Hot99.5's morning show, The Host Morning Mess with mark and Kris.
Teapot Tim is a kickass
by Wally May 07, 2004
Cool guy who is an uberhax. He's quite good at competitive pokemon battling, but naturally haxes everything. If you ever fight him in randbat/Challenge Cup, you lose.
Fuzion: What the fuck, that guy just beat me 6-0 using only a Weedle!

Wally: Oh yeah, I checked the IP, that's Lesm.
by Wally April 19, 2004
A person who is slow-witted and incapable of paying attention. Symptoms are usually a result from generations of in-breeding
I told Klopek to change it three times already, and he still can't get it right!
by WALLY July 02, 2004
a very exagerated statement to describe somthing.
propa) asin propa
nuff) asin nuff
small) sarcasm, meaning rather large
"propa nuff small whitey man!"
"that boys head is propa nuff small"
"fuck look at that extra chin on double bez! PROPA NUFF SMALL!"
"bez is a propa nuff small lovable tyke"
by wally September 23, 2004
a girl who although being rather smart, often portrays herself rather retardedly in my company
what a marlies you are
by wally March 15, 2004
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