Old Korean term of describing certain flower pedals,or a way of classifying plants.
Korean #1-"Check out the bizzle."
Korean #2-"Thats pretty awesome."
Korean #3-"I cuncor."
by Hubbard March 25, 2005
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Any word starting with a B. Usually bitch.
Look at the booty on that bizzle.

Damn! All them hot wings gave me some nasty heart-bizzle.

Nigga please! That shit on my dizzle ain't none a your bizzle.

by Joe September 01, 2003
Bizzle (U.K.)
Sometimes Used to say goodbye, replacing the phrase "in a bit," so, "see you in a bizzle"
"I'm off - see you tomorrow-"
"Yeah, Bizzle."
by UK97 January 09, 2010
instead of sayin say bizzle so like its just anuva word 4 bit
gotta go x in a bizzle x
gotta go x cya in a bizzle x
by sxc-bab-lea-givin-ya-info July 08, 2006
The best weed there is, short for kind bud aka k bizzle. very green with crystals and gets you STONED.
"Lets smoke some bizzle" "Got any bizzle?"
by H.G. June 30, 2006
instead of using a profanity when wanted to call someone a bitch, you simply say 'bizzle'
Gah, she totally just stole my pencil, that bizzle.
by Sarah November 19, 2004
another word for the BUSINESS!!!!!!
hey jamal dat shizzles da bizzle!
Jonk: Brb gotta drop a deuce.

Gingle: Aight scrub.

Jonk: Bizzle.

Gingle: Niiiceeee...
by Saucerlipz June 14, 2010

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