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another name for a bitch, but used most effectively when you have a bitchy girlfriend that don't like being called a bitch. Tell her that this is the human version, not to be mistaken for 'bitch; female dog'.
Listen biznitch! Stop complaining!
I'll mow the lawn when my biznitch ass
is ready!
by Noel AKA HeyBye March 14, 2003
another word for bitch.
man are teacher is such a biznitch
by tyuruwing September 10, 2009
bitch: adj. commonly used to call a person a bitch
wud biznitch what you wanna do tonight
by sadamausama March 10, 2008
directly translated as "bitch", which you can use for anything you would use "bitch" or "beatch" for.
Fo shizzle my biznitch.
by jackass March 23, 2003
a dumb bitch that looks like a lobster
jackie keefe is such a biznitch
by kyyy kyyy July 20, 2011
Any two people who argue over Paulson's cock or the state of the economy for days, occasionally after midnight, and over email - despite working in the same building.
Haas and Zar are the biggest pair of biznitches I've ever met.
by Haas and Zar Hater October 03, 2008
hoes; especially more than one
Damn, dat be a fine biznitch!
by Dope Licious July 13, 2004