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name for those kids that smell like shit 24/7
dude1~dude, wut a fartnugget.
by my@sshurtz October 08, 2003
bitch with a few letters in there to confuze those ppl walking behind you listening to your conversation.
dude1~mah biznitch iz da shiznit!
dude2~fo shizzle mah nizzle!
dude1~wut you been fuckin hur?
by my@sshurtz October 08, 2003
little kids trying to copy kids copying kids...
kid1~OH SHIT!!
kid2~OH CRAP!!
kid3~Oh cwap...
by my@sshurtz October 08, 2003
those kids dat sit on da johnz in public potties and lite up tampons full of their own special mix
dude1~is da redhead still der watchin yall piss?
dude2~nah. druggie found a stall.
by my@sshurtz October 08, 2003

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