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The village bike. If you were to perform the cunning linguist on this girl, you are more than likely to get a taste of your best mates shlong, as he has just performed the nasty with her in the adjoining room. Most speices of sticky vicky have underwear welded to their crack so much, that you have to coax them off with a can of WD40.
Oh god you didn't, not with sticky vicky! I'd get yourself checked out pronto!
by BAZMEISTER October 12, 2004
to describe a beeotch's vagina which is so slack, your plonk wouldn't touch both sides at once
'shagging her was like throwing a sausage up & down an alley'
by BAZMEISTER October 13, 2004
what you want to do to an erect nipple on a cold day
mmmmm....left or right?
by BAZMEISTER October 14, 2004
A woman so large, this is the only career option available to her
'Yo momma so fat her official job title is fork & spoon operator'
by BAZMEISTER October 13, 2004
those 6" long jobbies that dogs produce (consistently) which humans are unable to do.
'Oi, bazza watch out for that dog toffee'
by BAZMEISTER October 13, 2004
Goshing is when your mate falls in love with a girl 2 days before he meets her. He falls for her more and more even though she is sleeping with half the town behind his back. He is also under the thumb of the village bike!
'Lythgoe, stop goshing ya gimp don't you know she is shagging everyone behind your back? Nobhead!'
by BAZMEISTER October 12, 2004
a polite way to refer to having penetrative sex with someones mouth
"am gonna fullskuck you beeotch"
by BAZMEISTER October 13, 2004

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