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A hippie is a person who is comfortable enough with themselves that they do not hold judgements against anyone else. They are usually happy people and tend to/try to spread their happiness everywhere they go. A true hippie does not categorise themselves by the way they dress but by the way they act. To be a hippie is to be part of the larger view of peaceful activism. There are although, many different groups of hippies:
1.the gonja tye dyed hippie
2.the holistic healing hippie
3.the festival touring hippie
4.the hipster/weirdo raver hippie
There are so many different types of hippies in the world that they have become a whole different race of people.
I think, if the world was consumed by hippies, if we took over the population, things would look much more green and beautiful.
#loving #open minded #strong #fearless #happy #jerry garcia #bob marley #bob dylan #joni mitchell #paul simon #myself and i don't even own a tye dye!
by mrsmegnolia May 15, 2006
The choice name for a band consisting of five teenage kids in the early to mid ninties. Of course during the Nirvana grunge stage.
Heidi: Hey so what should our band be called?
Meggis: Ummm... man I don't know! Fucking Xanadu! Yeah... that sounds bad ass!
Hesta: Hell yeah! That totally rocks.
#heavely #mystical #euphoric #state of powerful happiness #nirvana like
by mrsmegnolia May 15, 2006
A weapon used to defeat any enemy that comes your way. A sack of cats is actually exactly that, a sack of cats. Usually the cats in this sack are ferrel and extremely hungry making for a really gruesome demise for your opponent. Once the sack of cats has been thrown, they fight each other until they have fought their way out of the sack, and then they tear your skin to shreds afterwards eating your remains.
#1. Nnnnooooo!!!! Not the sack of cats! What have I done to deserve this? I'm not ready to die...

#2. Man... I didn't know that throwing a sack of cats could be so gruesome. That was friggen awesome! That guys face is trailing from the side of Fluffy's mouth.
#sack of dogs #sack of angry women #sack of grandpa #sword fish fighters #atomic belly bombs
by mrsmegnolia February 01, 2007
The area in the center of the chesticle recepticle sometimes referred to as the nippulies or the nipps. The nippular area is one of the male species favorite areas of the female body. I do believe that it is also a 1st choice of the vagitarian. When exposed to the cold of the outdoors the chesticle recepticle is now not smoothe but firm and pointed.
Damn! Look at his nippular area! It looks like he is half woman with those damned things!

Awwe yeah... my goodness! Her nippular area is exposed. Hurry! Get a camera!
#nipps #nippulies #nippsters #pokey dokey's #pampered pointies
by mrsmegnolia May 15, 2006
The term used when greeting a good friend. Usually someone that you like to talk smack about to their face for fun.
Hey Biznitch! I think someone else was on your corner the other day... you better recognise.
#biz-natch #biz #biznatcher #bizzlenitch #bizzen-natchel
by mrsmegnolia May 14, 2006
1. The famous "Green Tylenol"
2. An ungroomed package... can be either sex.
3. The worst president of the United States of America that there has ever been.
4. A crappy close minded Republican.
5. Man with one of the lowest IQ's in the world... 90 (and we let this guy take over the country!)
6. A low shrub with many branches.
Example for #1: Meggis: Who's got the bush!?
Brookelyn: Yo! I got's the bush biznitch! So, lets get lit!
Example for #2: Holy shit! That bush is outta control. Get my scissors and I'll trim it up for ya.
Example for #3: George Bush Jr.
Example for #4: George Bush Jr.
Example for #5: George Bush Jr.
Example for #6: I have a beautiful Prim Rosebush outside in my front yard.
#ganja #pubic hair #crook #republican ass #idiot #shrub
by mrsmegnolia May 16, 2006
1. A female dog that is pregnant with another female dog. The dog being the bitch and her unborn offspring being the half.
2. Someone who is giving you a hard time and won't let up.
Man! That teacher was a bitch and a half! He wouldn't even let me finish my cigarette.
#beotch #mega bitch #the bitchiest #bastard bitch #bitchell
by mrsmegnolia May 15, 2006
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