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A man's penis and testes.
It's been 30 years! I've got to see if my bits and pieces are still working!
by JoeBob September 14, 2003
42 18
Collective term for a list of items or things.
'I've got a few bits and pieces to do then i'm going out'
by pete September 19, 2003
25 11
penis and testicles or twig and berries
I hope my bits and pieces are still working.
by doodooface September 05, 2003
17 8
slang: term used to describe the male genitalia
Fight dirty, kick him in the bits and pieces!
by Jim September 11, 2003
14 6
The male testicles and penis.
The women were checking out Don's bits and pieces at the nudist club.
by Don B. September 12, 2003
7 3
random stuff u have lyin round ur crib thats useless
lets get rid of these bits and peices coz they cloggin up my crib, man
by wannabawhiteboy September 18, 2003
3 9