When a girl is kissing a guy for the first time and while kissing, the girl bites the guy while kissing because of the sudden shock and feels extremely embarrassed, and tells their Greek/Persian friend about it :)
Gaddy was at the movies with her BF, and when he slipped the tongue Gaddy couldnt help but BITE back.
#bite #ghadir #ryan #lol #lmao
by Nick Khoury February 07, 2008
Top Definition
To rip off another person's style, especially with respect to music or fashion. From early hip-hop culture.
Why don't you come up with your own sound instead of biting every track that hits it big in the clubs?
by Greenie April 12, 2004
french word for cock
putain matte la bite de cheval!!
by cyril February 12, 2005
what you shouldn't do to a dick
Guy: Why'd you bite my dick?????
Girl: I thought you'd like it!
Girl: Ok.
#suck #blow #bit #blow job #bad #no-no
by Bajanga June 24, 2006
Used in graffiti, as with the other definitions, it is to steal someones idea/style. Used by true hip-hop loving graffiti heads, the guys that have skill and have the right to critique others work. Not the gangs of filth that spread their messy skribble tags and would die if they ever attempted to design a piece.
'Damn skarab totally bit Rats style' Or 'That piece is a bite off Rats style if I ever saw one'

In an extreme case one may bite your tag name, esp. if you have built a name for yourself.
by oncenever June 10, 2005
To be highly disagreeable or annoying. An exclamation for something that is bad.
I just lost my job, that bites!
by Said February 05, 2003
1. similar to "blow" or "suck", as in, something bad or unfortunate
2. to sting
1. "You failed the exam? That bites."
2. "Salt from potato chips really bites if you have a paper cut."
by snowstorm8796 November 16, 2003
1) To viciously clamp down on something with one's own teeth.

2) To be bad and/or boring.
1) I tried feeding the geese at the pond, but most of them just attempted to bite me.

2) This PowerPoint presentation bites; I hope it finishes soon.
by Diggity Monkeez April 12, 2005
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