someone who steals a persons idea or fashion style
my cousin was biting when tried to get the same sneakers as me after i told him i was getting them
by Malik May 03, 2003
the act of copying the style of another; often used in conjunction with "off"

See biter.
"I know that she copied what I'm wearing because she bites off of me all the time."

"... He's got two left feet and he bites my moves...." -- from the song 'I'm Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You' by Black Kids
by the13thzen January 06, 2009
To take or to steal
"I didnt bite your idea... Nice motha fuckin try."
by sillyped April 07, 2008
Feeling BEYOND tight. Can also be spelled as "byte"
"Man, I'm so bite! I just dropped my iPhone in the toilet when I was taking a shit!"

She was bite because no one told her that her bag was ugly until they were two weeks into school.
by MemeiiSki September 23, 2010
The most amazing thing anyone could ever, ever do to you.
girl one: Oh my god, so I was making out with soandso last night, and he totally bit my lip !

girl two: Awee ! I so wish my boyfriend would bite ME ! You lucky bitch...
by LittlePieceOfShatt January 16, 2009
To entice someone to bite you must provide the most obvious banter that will intentionally annoy the individual. If they react to this banter you have successfully got them to "Bite".

Individuals most likely to bite are: ALEX DEAN & JORDAN NADAT
Levi - "Alex why are you going out dressed as a pigeon? With that horrendous pigeon chest!"

Alex - "Shut up with you incredibly bad first touch and look how slow you have become!"

Levi - "BITE"

At this point Levi has one once again!
by LeviRams May 12, 2011
A state worse than sucking.
That doesn't just suck, it bites!
by Hobgoblin88 March 30, 2010

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