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Thanks to the Hip-Hop Artist, Fabolous.

Acronym: Bitch I'm Tryin' to Eat.

Synonomous with: Bitch, don't question me; Bitch, I do what I gotta/gone do
Less-Desirable Synonyms: I do it because I must;What choice did I have?

Antonym: Y.O.L.O. (because YOLO ruined acronyms)
Slowly-Becoming-Unattractive Girlfriend: "Why you never take me out anymore?"

Disgruntled Boyfriend: "B.I.T.E."

Slowly-Becoming-Unattractive Girlfriend: "Uuuh, whaaaat?"

Disgruntled Boyfriend: " Bitch I'm tryin' to eat!"
by DpB December 10, 2012
6 1
to copy something someone else has done.
P. Diddy has a "White Party" every year and Tyra Banks has never attened any of Diddy's WP'S, but she bit from Diddy and had her own WP.

"bite" from someone else's myspace layout.
by jaimo2003 December 04, 2006
8 3
An act of offending others with their oral cavity. (or to hurt others to win in world cup)
A: Suarez bit Chellini on the shoulder today.
B: He has so much talents, and yet he makes stupid choices.

A: What a retard. Hope Italy win this World Cup.
B: Also the referee deserves the Darwin award since he did not give any warnings to Suarez despite the fact that there was a bite mark on the shoulder.
by luminere9918 June 27, 2014
2 0
Down in Florida used commonly to the phrase "dats wus up"
Are you going to a party tonite?, Yeah you know I bite.
by Brianna Marissa White February 20, 2007
7 5
When one of your mates has an emotional rant due to an inability to take banter, you have a "bite".
*friends are engaging in various types of banter when friend one begins to take offence and performs a Kevin Keegan like rant*

Everybody else present: Bite!
by UrbDic4Life April 18, 2011
3 2
to steal something non-material, like a song or piece of artwork
"Ludacris bit Dilated Peoples' beat in 'Growing Pains'"
by presto March 21, 2003
12 11
getting a sample; putting in your opinion
"Let me bite into this"
by lisa February 19, 2003
8 7